Friday, 9 December 2011

Stressed Out!

You know what? I usually try not to rant. I really do. But today? Y'all just have to deal with it, because here's the list:

laundry to fold (5 loads) and four more to wash. Has no one ever heard of nudist colonies?

Replace the bathroom tap so the water comes out at more than a trickle. If I can find the plumbing wrench. And if I can actually figure out how to do it.

Paint the girl's bedroom, which she had been promised would happen last Christmas...

Christmas tree to put up. Should be an enjoyable family activity. For crazy people, or the happy get along gang, maybe. Not for any normal family I've ever met.

House to decorate. Same as above.

Replace the front on the kitchen drawer someone slammed so hard (likely in a fit of rage. Possibly me) that it came off.

35K story to edit. I'm so seriously sick of this story I used to love it makes me want to cry.

And speaking of crying, a website to figure out why it's gone haywire, because the suckage that is a pathetic 0-4 hits a day my stats tell me I'm getting sure aren't sucking up much bandwidth! But my web host doesn't seem to care and I even offered to pay someone to help me with this and she gave me a pointer or two and pretty much told me to do it myself. Seriously. You people have no idea how much technology reaches down my throat and tries to strangle me with my own entrails. It hates me that much. I'm not exaggerating.

And instead of doing any of that fun stuff, I get to spend the weekend in the company of the most aggressively controlling and selfish person in my life. And help put up her Christmas tree. Huzzah.

Who wants to be me for a day or two? I'll trade ya! Do you clean fish guts for a living? Or hotel toilets where the rooms are to let by the hour? I'll do that. Muck raking? I could use the exercise, and probably the stress relief. Anything, just please someone make this all go away, just for a day.

Oh, and to top it off, I started reading First Watch by Peter...somebody. Sir, I'm so sorry I forget your last name. Let me just say, in the mood I'm in, I had to put the book down because of the potential for Dire Things seemingly about to happen to the protag, and I just couldn't stand it. I'll get back to it when I'm feeling a little more bullet proof and a little less like the proverbial ticking time bomb of hormonal insanity. Sorry. (Incidentally, that's good writing, if I actually care what's happening to the fictional guy so much I can't read the bad stuff unless I psyche myself up for it. Just sayin').

So yeah. Merry Christmas, everyone. I'll wander on back when I remember the whole love and joy part, promise. Look for me in mid February or so...

What do all of you do to get past this shit? There must be a trick I'm missing, because I'm a little....ranty.


SJ Drum said...

I can relate. No need to apologize for ranting. Misery loves company, after all.

And the tree...Decorating the tree equals yelling. It took us two days. The lights wouldn't work and the toddler kept stealing the bulbs off the tree as soon as we put them on. Husband was not happy.

Since you're already doing so much laundry, wanna do mine too????

Jaime Samms said...

Ha. Ha. In short, SJ, no. Lol! And yeah, I get the toddler and tree dilemma. Mine are older now, so that isn't an issue, but I do have three cats. Plus all those shiny, dangly do the math....

Our oldest cat, when he was a kitten, would regularly bring down the entire tree. I now have an entire regiment of wooden nut crackers with missing limbs as testament to their war days with the bitty fur ball menace.

Anthology Authors said...

I sing. Singing makes me happy. Also, Lily still likes to decorate, so while it's a bit stressful for Charlie and I, it is fun...most of the time when I don't have two books releasing tomorrow and homeschooling to do. (g) Seriously, my front room is a disaster area with all of the Christmas decorations. It's raining and I want to swim today. Not an issue for me, but for my daughter? (sigh) It's cold too. Maybe a neighbor can watch her for an hour or so. (BTW, swimming keeps me sane as does singing. I need both to keep from turning into a raving bitch. I gave up swimming yesterday to go get a Christmas tree. I am not giving it up today.)

Hang in there!

Maggi Andersen said...

Yeah, Christmas can be fraught! But one thing that will help. Send that story off. It's finished when you can't stand to look at it anymore!

Terri Talley Venters said...

Breathe... Smile.....
I can relate to the laundry with 3 boys (ages 9,11, &41) I catch up on shows I tape while I fold.
And to cheer me up when I'm stressed or cranky, I write. Writing makes me smile!

Faith said...

Move over, Jaime. I'm coming in with you. I'm in rant and cry mode too.

Hales said...


I don't have an answer. I live with a man who hates Xmas, won't let me hang lights up outside. Complains on what I want to buy my kids which isn't a whole lot... rolls his eyes because he can't put one ornament on the tree to participate.

The selfish teens are too busy to do family activites unless they get compensated some how. I'm almost so over celebrating because my house totally brings down my natural high.

It's prob near as bad as yours so trading with me wouldn't be wise. I think I'll just go on a nice tropical vacation by myself next year.

Robyn M Speed said...

My kids are over the tree thing, so they don't care. My husband is foreign and doesn't care about Christmas either. So ... why should I?

This Thursday I am going to finish my Christmas shopping and then it's plain sailing.

I may or may not make cake (probably not). I may think about putting up the fake tree (probably not). I do need to plan something vegan (son) and vegetarian (me) to take to my sister's for Christmas dinner...

But I AM seriously excited about my additional pairs of stiletto boots that I am getting for birthday and Christmas!!! I am SO generous to myself!!!

Anthology Authors said...


Did you see the stiletto boots I saw in the mall the other day?