Monday, 5 January 2009

For the Love of Reading...And Love!

I've been bugging two of my favorite readers to write something about how they read erotic romance together. How it has changed their marriage. A lot of you have probably chatted with Deb and Bob on groups. Deb recently started her own review site~ MoonDancer Reviews. You can also find her reviews at Deb loves romance and enjoys asking authors all sorts of questions about their work.

Husband Bob owns his own construction business and reads right along with Deb. He also enjoys restoring his 1962 Harley. VROOOM VROOOM!!

Let's see what the happy couple think about what we write.

Deb's Take:

As a married couple life for us was going along smoothly or so we thought.

Bob and I found that we were in a rut. Having no time as a couple, between kids, work, traveling. One night I was sitting reading and Bob came up behind me, he started reading then asked if he could sit down and read along with me. That is how it started. As time went on we broadened our reading together.

Next it was Bob and myself reading bits out loud. After that we started just reading out loud all together. Now once a month we get away one night to a hotel, cabin, even our home when the kids are gone, cuddle up and read out loud to each. It has brought us closer, helped us see that even an old married couple can learn something new. It has added to our bedroom play as well.

As long as we both agree to it, we experiment in love play. It has brought back the fire we had when our lives were simpler.

BOB here:

On my end of this marriage I knew we needed something to change.

Imagine being a man and thinking you were losing your wife whom you'd loved for 20 years. It is a wake up call I hope no one has to experience.

I am not ashamed to say that we were not happy as a couple in and out of bed. The passion we had was lost to everyday life. We loved to experiment sexually and were quite passionate about it. When the day went by to where we air kissed each other in passing I knew I wanted my wife back.

I never knew that there was such pleasure in holding my wife and reading with her. It is a pleasure that I will never lose again.

We have had people criticize us, even friends saying “They could not believe the extreme we were going to, to save what we have.”
To them I say, “Wait till you are in my shoes.”

It is not that I need to read everything my wife does, because I don't. I do have books I will not read with her. I don't feel the need to read with her everyday.
I like that we do our own thing as well.

We do not read the books to get ideas for sexual play, I will put that out there now. We read for the pleasure of reading together.
There are times we get curious as to how to do things then we turn to books to help.
Spanking, bondage, oral play was something we lost, that we both loved rediscovering. There are things even an old couple like ourselves can learn.

Karma Sutra products have become our favorites. I purchased us a sensual massage basket as a gift for Christmas. The book is amazing. I never knew there were so many facets to a woman's body. The Book is “Sensual Massage by : Susan Mumford” I also put in the basket “The Joy of Erotic Massage” DVD

This book is one we bought, It is not for the faint of heart..

Try this book.
By Violet Blue
Sweet, hot and irresistibly delicious. Who can resist temptation? Certainly not the thirteen couples that dial in each other’s number-one sexual fantasies and can’t keep their hands off each other in the short stories collected in Sweet Heat: Explicit Erotica For Couples edited by Violet Blue.

Thirteen stories feature no-holds-barred, sometimes lightly kinky erotica from bestselling erotica authors Alison Tyler, Saskia Walker, Emilie Paris and N.T. Morley, while a bevy of newcomers showcase fine-tuned erotic lit skills.
Each story is hand-selected by Violet Blue in easy-to-use, shareable e book files. Let the witty and provocative editing of Violet Blue, best-selling writer, sex columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle and editor of the award-winning Best Women’s Erotica series lead you into some of the hottest, juiciest sexual adventures two lovers can share.

Fun things to do as a couple that we now do..
1- Go out on dates
2-Read together
3-Pretend to be tourist for a day, explore.
4- Explore each other

There is a lot of information out there to help a couple, but you have to do what you and your partner feel comfortable with. What fits your life style.

The whole thing in a nutshell is listen to what you are saying to each other. That is the #1 most important thing, even if the words are not there the actions could be.

We would Love to hear your comments..
With Love and Sass..
Bob and Deb

Many thanks to Bob and Deb for sharing their insights. What a fabulous couple!


Deb said...

Thank you Tessy
You are the best, we enjoyed it.
Bob's back to work tomorrow.

Deb and Bob

M.E Ellis said...

Oh, bless you both. That post made me cry. I'm so glad this is what works for you--would be glad for whatever worked for you.

Those that have a negative opinion on what you are doing...well, they are entitled to their opinion, but at times we do whatever it takes to bring happiness into our lives.

I don't understand why people would have a problem with this. It's not like you're telling them they should do it too.

I understand the kids/work thing getting in the way. The feeling that the only time you get to talk to one another without interruption is at bedtime, and who wants to engage sexually after a discussion about why Johnny painted yoghurt on the walls today?

Having time to yourselves is a good thing. Being alone without the kids and being adults, being you, is actually great for the kids because you become happier people, so therefore that happiness is picked up on by your children, so they are happy too.

Congratulations on becoming 'you' again.