Thursday, 18 December 2008

Is This Really a Political Controversy?

I'm watching CNN and one of the CNN commercials is about what is coming up. And damned if it wasn't controversy over whom Obama had chosen to deliver the inaugural invocation. It seems Pastor Rick Warren is not popular amongst the proponents of gay marriage or the proponents of abortion.

Personally I am FOR gay marriage and abortion.

It needs to be said that some factions in this country still just don't get it. Obama did not run for President as a black man. He didn't run for President as a liberal or conservative. He didn't run for President as anti this, anti that. Pro this, pro that. He ran as an American who wanted to give all he has to this country. To find solutions to the problems we are facing.

The world is energized by this President-Elect. Our country is hopeful because of this President-Elect. Obama's cabinet picks aren't about political right, left, or middle of the road. They're about getting the job done. It's about embracing all opinions, seeking out those on both sides of the aisle. The one single message Obama constantly hammered away at during his campaign was INCLUSION. He's not leaving anyone out, as evidenced by a Republican cabinet pick just yesterday for Secretary of Transportation.

It's been years since I attended a presidential inauguration, and I would love to attend this one. Unfortunately, I won't get that chance. However, I will be watching this man, our hope for the future of all Americans as he lays his hand on the Bible and swears his oath of service. And when I hear the invocation delivered by Pastor Warren, I won't hear his personal political views, or worry about his presence influencing law. Instead, I'll hear a man ask God to give our newly elected President Obama the strength to meet the challenges he faces and for our country to have the patience it takes to see those challenges met with success.

God bless President-Elect Obama.
God bless America and all those countless Americans with their many and varied opinions. Without them, our country would not stand.


Janice said...

God bless our preseident elect and God help him too. His first year will not be an easy one with the mess the last one is leaving him with. And yes I did vote for him, though I really wanted Hillary.


M.E Ellis said...

From a UK perspective, I really wanted Obama to win. He appears genuine, real, for the people. He seems to care about everyone, not just the rich or those that he can gain things from.

This is rare to see in today's world. I really hope he makes a difference for all Americans and that people give him a chance.


Christina said...

I voted for Obama and am glad he won. God bless him and help him do his best for our country!

Tess MacKall said...

Thanks ladies for posting your comments.

I was originally a Hillary supporter, but voted for Obama. Regardless of who a person votes for we have to give our elected leader a chance.

I honestly don't care who leads the prayer as long as someone does and God listens.